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Kathryn (Kit) Levy Feldman is an award winning freelance writer with over fifteen years experience writing for such publications as Family Business magazine, Princeton Alumni Weekly, The Pennsylvania Gazette, Dartmouth Alumni Magazine and Haverford College Alumni Magazine. She has authored five books for Heritage Publishers including the biography of Elizabeth Atwood Lawrence, a pioneer in the field of human-animal interaction and has become known for her profiles of individuals as well as animals. In 2006, she was awarded the exclusive contract to write the story of Barbaro, the horse who won the Kentucky Derby and subsequently broke his leg in the Preakness, which is currently under consideration by Temple University Press.

Levy Feldman is the author of a daily blog, Something About Barbaro, and recently signed a contract with Bowtie Press for The Culinary Canine: Great Chefs Cook for Their Dogs - And So Can You! which is now available for purchase.

A graduate of Princeton University, Levy Feldman earned a Masters Degree in Liberal Arts from the University of Pennsylvania in 2009, with a certificate in animal studies.

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